Full Moon Clear and Release with Crystal and Rita

Join Crystal Lynn Perez and Rita Strough for a deep dive into the energy of the Full Moon in Leo on January 28, 2021 at 7PM.   The event will be virtual using ZOOM and the cost is $18.  Use the ticketing link https://justbreathecenter.as.me/fullmoonleo to register. ZOOM instructions will be sent prior to the event.

Learn about the energy of this full moon and how we can use it to support us now to:

  • Release doubt,
  • Shine your Light
  • Increase your Confidence

We will focus on how to show up as your fully authentic self through discussion; use Tarot to guide personal introspection; and engage in a Group Aura Reading for releasing. 

Broken Angels

There is a story about an angel figurine that falls to the floor.  Her wing breaks off and she’s left with only one wing.  We are like broken angels, looking for another broken angel so we can join together and fly again.  My husband recently knocked over one of my Willow Tree angel figurines that was given to me by my friend Carol.  It was an accident.  She was displayed on a small glass shelf in my powder room, where it seems I keep a lot of angels.  When she broke, he felt bad and said, “Uh oh!  I think something bad just happened!”  I came into the room and saw it broken in many pieces.  The little hands that held the painted rosy-pink heart were disconnected, and her arm smashed into splinters of broken ceramic.  As I held the dismembered angel and gathered up her pieces from the floor and the sink, I felt sad.  I was sad for the memory that this angel gives me of Carol.  I have lots of other things that my friend had given me over the years, but I really loved this little angel with the wire wings.  Yet, there was a part of me that was relieved.  When I would get attached to things and they would break or disappear, I would feel like part of myself was broken or lost.  I think since my awakening and getting more in tune with my Self, I don’t feel like I’m wounded any more when something I love or appreciate is damaged. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of things in this house of mine that are mementos of another era and that connect me to people I love.  My mother gave me a little ceramic figure of a beautiful long-haired cat with her paws resting inside a pair of red high heels.  My mom told me she loved it because the kitty cat looked like she was saying, “Don’t go out tonight. Stay home with me!”  I have this statue in my powder room, too and right next to it, another antique cat that I think is supposed to be a tiny planter.  This cat sits up with his head cocked to one side winking his eye as if to say, “Your secret is safe with me.”  If one of those broke, I think I’d be upset for a while.  I’d try to piece it back together with glue, knowing it would never be the same again.  But Carol’s angel was different.  When she broke, I was sad, but I felt like she was saying, “It’s time to be free!  Let go and don’t worry any more.  You don’t need a physical representation to cling to because our friendship is everlasting.” 

Speaking of friends, I thought of my friend Rose again today.  What a special friend Rose was.  She left this world a few months ago and I still think I can just bump into her somewhere or give her a call.  I think of her and the way her eyes would sparkle when she smiled, her way of pulling us all into her stories and the deep and profound healing that she helped me experience with her.  Sometimes I think we are walking around as broken angels, each into our own stories, in our own heads with our own drama, conflicts, struggles and pain.  We have lots to give, too though, and as we walk around with our pieces missing, jagged in places and incomplete, we find one another and it helps fill in those gaps.  We find each other and we see the good in each other.  We find what is lost and we are able, with the help of our friends, our angels, to piece ourselves back together again.  And as anyone knows who has been through any kind of trauma, shift, or change, we are never quite the same again.  You can’t look at a glued statue and see it without seeing the line where it was cracked.  You see it whole, but it shows where it was injured and it wears that scar proudly as it continues to stand and present its beauty, its story to the world.

Who am I to commune with angels?  Where do I get the audacity to speak to angels and masters from invisible realms?  I can’t answer that question.  I’m like you, just a normal person, broken in places, glued back into shape, meandering along the path of my life looking for something new and exciting to give me a reason to press forward and not simply sit still in my own little corner of reality.  I try to explain how I feel at times and have no words.  I can be both happy and sad, blessed and cursed, anxious and relaxed, active and still at the same time.  My mind runs in a million directions, seeking to conquer the seemingly endless array of things to do,  trying to keep up with the ongoing activities of daily life we call “living.”   Are we really living when we’re doing “things?”  Or are we distracting ourselves from some other kind of work, perhaps not really work at all. 

Consider this, what if we human beings are here to simply enjoy life by being involved in all kinds of things that bring us joy?  What then?  Is life a series of activities?  I ask a lot of questions that don’t seem to go anywhere.  This brings me back to broken angels.  It seems to me that if you have an angel statue and it has not been chipped or broken in any way, then you are taking too good a care of it.  I think angels are meant to take the fall for us sometimes and when they shatter on the floor and give up their ghost, they remind us that we also are fragile and impermanent.  Nothing stays the same.  It’s always changing.  Angels are reminders of beauty and love.  They fly into our lives sometimes for a moment, for a day, a few months, a decade, a lifetime, and then they are gone. 

Angels have no wish to hold us back by making us need them so much.  They just want to be along for the ride and if that means that they have to give up a wing or a hand or a halo once in a while, then so be it!  They are not afraid to walk this path of human life with us, and they show us every single day why we have to be proud of our scars and our defects.  Because those are evidence of a life well lived.  We’re not meant to stay in pristine condition.  We have to be loved and touched.  We have to live without fear of breaking even though we know we can break.  Life is like that.  So thank you, Carol’s angel, for sacrificing your form so that I could listen to your message and hear it clearly.  Pick up the pieces, put them in a bin and dump them so they can go back to the earth from which they came.  I’ll be joining you some day, but not before I’ve had a chance to dance and sing, live and love, perched upon a shelf in a powder room.

Gaia Blessings and the Pink Rose

October 27, 2020 7PM to 8PM $22 Register Here: https://justbreathecenter.as.me/gaia

This is an On-Line Event via ZOOM
Activate the Divine Heart Trinity: Divine Love * Divine Wisdom * Divine Power
Gaia Blessings and the Pink Rose
Receive the healing gifts of the Pink Rose:
Heart Consciousness – Co-Creation – Sacred Union – Divine Wisdom
This month, we will continue activating our divine heart trinity with Gaia and the Pink Rose energies.
Gaia and the Pink Rose will work together to ground, anchor and integrate the new earth light frequencies currently taking place in the earth’s grid into our physical bodies.At this time, our body is re-calibrating to the new earth codes which is causing internal conflict, discomfort and confusion within us such as lack of confidence and purpose, emotional imbalance, fear of owning your power, etc.Gaia will share wisdom around these new earth light frequencies and will also assist in embodying this new light transmission into the body through sacred union practices using movement and attunements.The Pink Rose is about taking ownership of your gifts and becoming an advocate for Gaia and the Elemental Realms. The Pink Rose frequency will allow you to hold more divine power and light within your body and consciousness.Please feel free to use an essential oil or crystal to support the healing transmission.Rita Strough and Shalini Breault facilitate

Wisdom Wednesday with Rita

For the next 8 weeks starting June 24, 2020, I will be offering a one-hour group session for $15 per person. During the session, we will elevate our vibration and connect to the higher realms, allowing wisdom to flow down.

Channeling is not an exact science, but I’ve found that when we open with intention to the higher realms, there awaits us the wisdom of the angels and guides which is intended to provide a perspective from the vantage point of the higher self which can see through illusion, and cut through fears.

As we open up this time and space to invite in these benevolent energies, we can expect to receive guidance for our soul’s growth and expansion into higher levels of consciousness. The angels guide the conversation and offer their wisdom and love. To join, please register using this link: https://justbreathecenter.as.me/wisdom

Instructions for accessing the live ZOOM meeting will be sent via email the day of the session. I look forward to sharing this amazing journey with you!

Love and blessings always,


We Will Never Be the Same Again

We will never be the same again, now that we have witnessed what we have witnessed.  This thought comes to me as a flash of insight, a thread of consciousness to tie loose ends together and to explain or at least attempt to explain a shift that is happening now to all of us.

Not as obvious as the 9/11 attacks where thousands died in crashes and debris, the attacks we are experiencing presently are like a thousand paper cuts.  And we who are Americans are being pushed into an awareness of ourselves as vulnerable even though many of us can’t see it or even know it is happening.  On 9/11 we all knew what was happening.  It was in our faces and the images are burned into our memories.  A tragic day of destruction, heart-break and sadness, that day brought us together and brought us out of our daily-life distractions and unified the country in one mournful moment.  I remember going to church the Sunday following the 9/11 attacks and the pews were full.  People needed to see each other and connect as Americans, to process our grief, to feel our oneness.

Now, today in our country, there are forces at work that revel in our dismay, in our dis-function, that wish to bring us to our knees – not by bombs or hijacked airplanes, but by information – by attacking our hearts with arrows of discontent, distrust, dis-information and dis-ease, dis-belief, and by rallying our darkest fears – bringing them to the surface, giving them a voice, placing them on stage with a megaphone where they can rally to gather others of like-fear and grow stronger in the division of our unified American consciousness.  I call it “information terrorism.”

These slow and steady info-attacks in many ways are the catalyst to the next level in our evolution.  We would not be aware it is happening unless we stopped to question, to investigate, to probe and uncover why we are so divided, so disheartened, so angry, so mean, so hopeless, so frustrated with our government, with our neighbors, and with ourselves. We can’t see evidence of this kind of attack, but we can see the carnage, the results, the outcomes.  We see anger and violence, arguing, shutting down, estrangements and polarization.  Fear is rising up as the dominant force causing us to lose trust in our government, in our institutions and in each other.

However, there is a silver lining.  Just as 9/11 prompted us to take notice of the ways in which we took our safety for granted and make changes to deter future terrorist attacks, this wave of information-terrorism is prompting us to question the ways in which our thoughts and emotions are swayed by information – or when information is specifically designed to elicit a particular response – propaganda.  Truth and Transparency are itching to emerge and we are wanting now to be completely honest and to see the truth in all situations.  In this case, it is not just our physical safety that is the primary focus of efforts to prevent another tragedy, but our very way of life as Americans: freedom of speech, our democratic system of government, and our shared values that must be upheld and protected.

How do we protect ourselves against info-terrorism?  We can put the responsibility outside of ourselves to the places where we receive and consume information and expect those outlets, those virtual hubs to monitor, filter and block mis-information, hate speech and the like.  Or we can take responsibility inside ourselves, to the place where we take that information and weigh it against the values we hold in our hearts.

How do we get to a place where we can trust that each of us shares the same values in our hearts?  And what are those values?  This info-terrorism is pushing us to identify those values that we all share, to define them in terms we can all agree on and to uphold them above all else.  I think it can be simplified into a few basic beliefs that apply regardless of class, race, income, political affiliation, or ability:

  • people are people and all want to be accepted and loved for who we are.
  • people want to be valued as human beings
  • people want quality of life:  clean air, water, food, Nature’s beauty, creativity, health and vitality
  • people want the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive
  • all people deserve respect, understanding and compassion

If we see differences between ourselves and another, making some more deserving or better than others, then none of this is possible.  We need to use our imaginations to begin to see ourselves as aspects of each other.  The old saying, “there but by the grace of God go I” means that by some twist of fate in this life, I happen to be a white woman born in a northeastern state to a large Italian family steeped in blue-collar values, raised Catholic in a neighborhood of similar folks.  It’s what I’m comfortable with and familiar with.  I could have been born an African-American boy in a southern state on a farm in a rural community with a dad who died when I was 2 and a mom who struggles to put food on our table.  Or I could have been born into a high-net worth family with unlimited disposable income, comfortable in settings with others of like status and wealth never knowing or understanding what struggling to survive is like.  How different our life experiences are simply because of who and where we are born!

In a country as diverse as ours, it is difficult to imagine that we will all agree with each other on any topic, but on these few basic principles of human existence, I think we can all find common ground.  Let’s use the silver lining of these info-terrorist attacks to practice more patience, more discernment and give each other some space to get to know each other so we can see the shared humanity, learn to value each other and then vigorously defend our American way of life by becoming involved in our communities, getting to know one another and affecting real change at a  local level.  Eventually, we will come to know ourselves first as individuals and then as part of a community, part of a nation, then ultimately as part of the human race living in cooperation and harmony with ourselves and with the natural world.  It is possible and this is what I hold in my heart and mind as I contemplate our evolution.  We will never be the same again, we will be better equipped to be patient, kind, understanding, compassionate, discerning, intelligent and courageous.   Peace on Earth, Good will toward all.  Let it be so!

Spiritual Counseling Session

with Rita Strough

Spiritual Counseling Sessions are an opportunity to connect with and receive guidance and wisdom from your own spiritual support team of angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, animal spirit guides, your body, and other benevolent forces that surround, protect and guide you.  During this session, these beings are invited to consult with us together in Love for healing, and for soul growth  These sessions typically delve into areas of your life that have caused you the most confusion, pain or concern.  As we discuss the areas of concern, your angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones and other benevolent beings are called upon to provide guidance, clarification, explanation and wisdom.  Your own Higher Self directs this activity and Rita acts as a conduit or channel for the information and energy.

These sessions can be conducted over the phone, FaceTime,  ZOOM video calling, or in person.  When you contact Rita to schedule an appointment, please indicate best days and times for you and which method of contact suits you.  Email to divine.being@comcast.net or call 856-296-9771 to request an appointment.

$60 for 30 minutes

$120 for one hour

 Do you have any questions? Visit the F.A.Q. page or contact me!

Reiki Healing Session

with Rita Strough

A Reiki healing session focuses on opening your energy body to the healing power of Universal Source or Universal Love energy.  This life energy is channeled through the practitioner (Rita) to the receiver (You) for personal healing using this ancient hands-on approach.    Reiki is a complementary healing modality designed to tap into the universal energy field to allow life energy and spiritual wisdom to flow through to you.  It is a cooperation between the client, the practitioner and the Universe.  The hour-long session allows additional time for discussion before and after treatment to impart wisdom messages from Spirit.

During a reiki treatment with Rita, an initial conversation takes place to create sacred space, inviting in the spiritual support teams and guides, to establish the intention of the healing session.  The client is then invited to lay down on the table to receive.  During the session, channeling may occur where Spirit wishes to share insights or information.  The session is concluded with another opportunity to discuss any insights or experiences.

Rita Strough is certified with a third degree attunement in the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing and Reiki Mastership in the Sacred Art of Attunements certified on August 26, 2012 by Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher Janet Watkins, RYT, CRM.

$120/60 Min

 Do you have any questions? Visit the F.A.Q. page or contact me!

Angelic Immersion and Harp Concert

December 1st  2PM – 3PM Angelic Immersion and Harp Concert.  Join Rita Strough and Gabrielle Esposito for an hour of angelic vibrations of Love and music to celebrate the magic of the Winter holiday season!   Gabrielle will be playing angelic harp music and Rita will guide a meditative journey into the Angelic Realm, then everyone can sit back in the high vibrations and enjoy as Gabrielle plays holiday favorites.  $25 at Just Breathe, 2800 Rt. 130, #100, Cinnaminson.  Register at https://justbreathecenter.as.me/?appointmentType=8365597

Awakening with the Angels – 3rd Thursdays

Awakening with the Angels opens a sacred space to work with energies from the angelic realms along with the Ascended Masters and various other beings of a high vibration to attune us to specific vibrations.  Attunement allows energy to flow to a familiar vibration from the Universe to activate intentions and to more efficiently aid in your awakening process.

Join Rita as she channels various beings who are coming in to awaken all to the truth of our divine nature which is fully supported, loved and generously overflowing with abundance in all forms.

This class is every third Thursday of the month and is being held via ZOOM

7pm to 8:15pm

Cost:  $15

Instructions will be emailed after registration

Register:  use this link

The Language of Spirit 10-Week Psychic Development guided by Archangel Gabriel

The Language of Spirit is an introduction to awakening the psychic faculties already present within, to an understanding of the ways in which Spirit communicates, and to the groundwork necessary to purify, clear and open these communication pathways.  Led by Rita Strough, Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, these classes call upon the Divine in each student to use the channel of the student to articulate wisdom teachings, to aid the self and others in connecting to spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and other beings of a high vibration as well as deceased loved ones.

10 Week Class will focus on the basic building blocks of unimpeded spiritual communion with the Divine, setting the intention to open and to be of service.

Classes are held in the evenings in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Information and registration can be found at www.justbreathecenter.org/reservations

At Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center, 2800 Rt. 130. Suite 100, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

$300 Tuition  Click here to pay and register

Wild Soul Movement – Transformational Movement class

Wild Soul Movement is a self-love movement class that incorporates yoga poses, meditation, mantra, discussion, oracle cards, crystals and kinship designed to allow release of negative or low vibrating energy while imprinting positive, high vibrating energy. The “movement” lets the body feel and experience love in a new way, in its own language. Simple yet highly effective. All are welcome!

Just Breathe~ A Spiritual Community Center

2800 Rt. 130 North, Suite 100, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Mondays 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Contact Christine Juckett for questions. Reserve your spot by following this link

Angelic Coaching and Development with Rayel Sample 10-28-17


Are you struggling to see things clearly?  Are you looking for answers?  We have many different solutions for one issue.  Often we only see the solution that we don’t want instead of what we do want.  Changing our perception changes our outcome.

During this session of Angelic Coaching and Development the Archangels will work with us to help us see clearly the full situation and the many opportunities that we have right now.  They will teach us how to stay fully grounded while making major life decisions.  They will help us focus on the NOW to ensure the best outcome for all involved.  

Saturday, 10/28 from 1pm – 3pm.
This class is $44.00 per person. 
Bring a friend and get two for $60.00.  RSVP to Divine.Being@comcast.net with your name and phone number and the word “Coaching” in the subject line.
Click here to learn more about Rayel

Painting Archangel Raphael with Sue Roop 11-28-17

Sue Roop is a wife, mother, grandmother, and Art instructor. Art, and the expression of it has always been her passion.  From an early age, Sue took lessons privately through high school, and continued developing by teaching various ages of children art for 25 yrs while studying Fine Arts at Camden County College and raising 5 children.  Several years ago sue found her way into the Canvas Paint Party opportunity and has facilitated more than 50 gatherings. She enjoys watching and guiding guests through the process of painting and creating.

For Just Breathe, Sue will be offering a special series of angelic paintings starting in September with Archangel Gabriel.  Each month for four months, we will paint a new angel to add to our collection.  It doesn’t matter if you come to one, two, three or all four classes.

Your investment of $44 per class provides you with instruction and all art supplies.  This two hour class runs from 7pm to 9pm on select Tuesday evenings


11/28/17 – Archangel Raphael

12/19/17 – Archangel Uriel

To join class, please RSVP by following this link to Just Breathe’s website where you can sign up and pay.   Class is limited so please sign up as soon as you decide you want to paint with the angels!!

Bollywood Dancing: Weekly class Wednesdays at 7:30PM

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to build, tone, and shape your muscles while having fun! The beats of Indian music and beautiful dance styles of India are fast becoming part of mainstream culture though its cinema. Now let us explore the unique relationship we as Americans share with India through our popular culture in this exciting workshop.

Arati Gupta takes students through an immersion in the various moves of Indian dance styles in a class that will work your body.  This class meets Wednesdays at 7:30PM.  Each class is $20 which can be paid at the door.

Drop in or RSVP to Rita at Just Breathe by e-mailing info@JustBreatheCenter.org

We accept cash, check or credit card.


Arati Gupta

arati gupta

Ms. Arati M. Gupta has been performing Indian dance since the tender age of 7. She has performed in various Indian and Non-Indian organizations such as: India Temple Association of South Jersey, Council of Indian Organizations, Voorhees Township Diversity Committee International, McGuire Air Force Base, Philippine Fiesta, Inc and many others. She still performs and now choreographs dances for children and adults.

Arati has presented the Bollywood dance workshop from 2010-2013 & 2015-2017 in the Camden County Women’s Health Conference and it was a great success. She along with her mother began a South Asian children’s cultural enrichment program where they taught the students about their rich Indian heritage and Indian dance hosting an Annual Day celebration for three years. Arati became the first Indian Commissioner for the Camden County Commission for Women. She is certified in Usui Reiki healing & Indian Classical Dance.

Arati studied henna art from 2011-2013 and became a certified henna tattoo artist training under Ritu Pandya, a master artist, for this beautiful art form. She has been going to health conferences, fairs, and festivals for the past two years and has been recognized for her henna art.   Arati is available for henna tattooing for all occasions and events.

Arati is also an actress and voiceover artist.  She has participated in many talent gigs including films, runway fashion shows, commercials, promotions and voiceover projects. She is a currently a voice over Artist for 8-Ball Graphix Animation & Madd Chemistry Productions. In addition, she is a Radio Show Host at GSNJ Radio. The name of the segment is: “Holistic Lifestyle & Spiritual Horizons” and her show is broadcast every Tuesday evening from 6-7pm at: http://hartthrobmusic.com/artists/arati/. Effective August 1, 2017 she started her own TV show, which is called, “Mornings with Energy Rhythms.” It’s a 30 minute lifestyle show describing various topics and is on the Radio Vision TV Network (Internet TV).

Please check her out on social media:

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/energy.rhythms,

Instagram: aarti00 (367 followers, 860 following)

9/14/17 – Awakening with the Angels – Archangel Zadkiel



Archangel Zadkiel – Power and Purpose, the cornerstones of transformation here on Planet Earth. AA Zadkiel comes to bear witness to our transformation into powerful beings of light attuned to the Cosmic Consciousness of Love and vibrating at a frequency that draws into us all the powerful energies of our allies in the non physical realms. Join Rita Strough and all who come to experience a transformation from ordinary consciousness into angelic divine consciousness for the purpose of practicing this vibration and lifting the hearts of all on this planet. See beyond the physical with AA Zadkiel’s attunement to the violet vibration of Universal Love.
Bring or wear something purple/violet. Carry with you water, and an offering for the altar – a flower, a stick of incense, a small stone, a feather, a pine cone, a prayer, whatever floats your boat!!! xoxo Rita and Zadkiel
Please RSVP so we can set up for the number of attendees. E-mail Rita at Divine.Being@comcast.net or text AWAKE to 856-296-9771 with your name please.
Lots of Love heading your way now as you read this *****

7pm to 9pm


RSVP:  divine.being@comcast.net

At Just Breathe, 2800 Rt. 130, Suite 100, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077


Stacey Reeves E-RYT 200

Stacey Reeves

Coming into yoga with pre-existing injuries from a tough physical job, Stacey Reeves learned how to pay attention to her body.  Taking years to master a yoga practice suitable for someone with her injuries, Stacey found a way to gain all the benefits of her practice without causing aches and pains in the body.  Teaching yoga classes that are accessible to everyone became her passion. She encourages students to be comfortable with their personal expression of the poses and listen to and honor their bodies. Stacey continues to learn new modifications and ways to use props that help her students experience poses in ways that work for their bodies’ unique requirements.  Stacey received her yoga teacher training from The Yoga Center of Medford in 2007 and has been teaching Hatha yoga in South Jersey for 10 years.  Find Stacey’s page on Facebook at We Are 1 yoga or email her at staceylights@gmail.com

8/22/17 – Angelic Coaching and Development with Rayel Sample

Rayel Sample offers Angelic Coaching and Development classes at Just Breathe.

Are you willing to allow the Divine to release the things you no longer need in order to give you the things you deserve and desire?   When we call on Divine intervention it is important for us to allow the Divine to help us release the things we no longer need.  In order for us to release the things we no longer need we must face them and willing give them to the Divine.  This process allows our hearts to be opened to receiving all that we deserve and desire.

During this session of Angelic Coaching and Development we will learn to allow the Divine to open our hearts by releasing that which we no longer need.  We will discuss ways we can take small sets to interacting with our guides.  We will also discuss the importance of listening and following our guides even when it doesn’t make sense to us.  As we become one with the Divine, our lives will begin to reflect the true abundance we deserve and desire.

Class is from 6pm to 9pm

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Location:  Just Breathe, 2800 Rt. 130, Suite 100, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Cost:  $50 payable in cash or check at the door.

Please RSVP to Rayel at sampleray75@yahoo.com