Harmonious Balance Workshop

September 29, 2023

6:30PM – 8:00PM


Location: The Dance Lab, 12 W. Camden Ave., Moorestown, NJ 08057

Create harmonious balance within the body, mind, and spirit by opening and exploring the energy of the seven main chakras which make up our energetic chakra system. Using breath, guided imagery, mindful focus, color, and movement, we will examine and adjust each energy center to bring balance, stability, and harmony to our whole selves. 

Gain a better understanding of our chakras, the energetic vortices through which we give and receive energy, and travel through the chakra system mentally, physically, and spiritually by connecting the mind and body with the etheric Self. 

Through this work, we can come into alignment with what our whole selves wish to release and express, taking time to create a personal mandala for further reflection upon our chakra connections.

Space is limited to 10 and registration is required. 

Please use this link to sign up: https://DivineBeingSpiritualFitness.as.me/TDL

Your Facilitators:

 Rita Strough is a spiritual teacher, channel, and Reiki Master and founder of Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center.

 “I am here as a conduit of divine love and wisdom, an open channel to the divine, to assist in creating pathways for high-vibrating benevolent beings to access and work with individuals and groups all over the world. Teaching people how to open their channels to receive wisdom, healing, guidance and love is my passion and through personal one-on-one sessions, group gatherings, classes, workshops and lectures this work is changing the world one person at a time.”

Candace Carriger is a Creative Dance Specialist, certified Pilates instructor, a Creative Dance Teacher Trainer, and the owner/founder of The Dance Lab located in Moorestown, NJ.

Candace brings forward a lifelong passion for dance including a concentration in the rich, earthy, grounding philosophies of Modern Dance. Her education and experience with Laban Movement Studies and the works of Bartenieff Fundamentals brings a deeper understanding to the functions of the moving body. An interest in creative work that influences the body/mind/spirit connectivity informs the dance/movement aspects of this chakra balancing exploration.

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