Angelic Frequency Attunement – Let the Sun Shine In

Let The Sun Shine In!

Angelic Frequency Attunement

For millennia, people have gravitated toward the light, the sun, and worshipping the sun as a god is not new.  There have been countless sun gods, and even as we take time to lay out in the sun, we call it sun worshipping.

This is because at our core, we are like the sun,  an inexhaustible powerful force of energy and light, heat and radiant energy that powers life on this planet.  There is no other way to think about the sun but as  the  giver of life.  So we today call upon you to settle into your Love channel, take in the feelings of the sun and worship along with us so that you may benefit from all that the sun can do for us.  You are Radiant BEINGS OF LIGHT.  You have the power to transform darkness and to overcome the dark, dreary ways of the world.  For while there are many aspects of human life that involve pain, suffering, confusion, and loss, there are also the aspects that enjoy great beauty, pleasure, sweetness and light. 

Take this time to join with the angels and the sun gods to celebrate all that is good and holy in our lives. 

The rising of the sun each morning brings with it a promise of new beginnings, and at the end of the day, the beautiful sunsets show us that there is glory and beauty in the endings as well.  Sweet slumber of nighttime is  also a celebration where we can take time to go within, meditate and be visitors to the subconscious worlds in dreamtime. 

Let the sun teach us about our lives and how we  can maximize the potency of each moment.  Join us.

Cost: $33

May 16, 2023

Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center – 1200 S. Church St. #8 – The Village II Shoppes and Offices – Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Space limited to 15 participants

Registration required. Please use this link to register and reserve your spot.

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