Spirit Animal Connection

In the realms of Spirit, there exist many different dimensions. We can ascend to the highest levels and connect with angels, ascended masters, and other high vibrational beings of an advanced evolutionary state, and we can roam though the realms of earthly dimensions to connect with the nature spirits. We can dive deeper into this Natural world by connecting with our animal spirit guides who take many and varied forms.

Some of these animal guides are regular visitors to our life experience, showing up in surprising ways. Delightful, awe-inspiring. and sometimes humbling, these animal spiritual guides are with us, sharing our experience in the earth realms, and they connect with us to help us embody aspects of themselves for transformation, wisdom, and spiritual growth.

When one encounters an animal in nature, we can slow our breath, lower our vibration, and seek to connect with them to hear them, to take their advice, to follow their lead as they show us the way through some of our most difficult challenges. They open us up to undertstand more about ourselves so that we can grow, shift and evolve.

It is in this spirit, and with great respect, that we acknowledge the invitation we have been intuitively receiving to bring attention to a heightened awareness of the animal spiritual connection. It is time for humanity to create the space and take the time to make the connection. Animal Spiritual Guides have much to teach us and we are ready now to hear them. We share a spirit and a destiny as Earth’s children. We are all connected. We are ready to grow beyond our limited capacity to understand and invite the animal spiritual world into our hearts.

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