What is fortitude?  It is the ability to withstand what is required and to move forward with conviction, strength and trust.  Fortitude begins where the bravery leaves off. When you have accomplished something so unique and so amazing that you feel fortified and made whole, you are working from a place of fortitude.  That is where the rubber meets the road so to speak 

We speak of fortitude as a strength, as a blessing, as one of those fearless aspects that keeps a person moving ahead even when things get so difficult it seems easier and more appropriate to simply give up.  If you have fortitude you have staying power; you have grace on your side.  You have angels beside you urging you on and making the way clearer and clearer for you.  Because it is with fortitude that great things are undertaken.  Great journeys, great leaps of faith, are all requiring some measure of faith but in addition to faith, there is a strength that is needed, and the willingness to trust.  To place yourself into the hands of something greater and to believe that all is as it should be,   that the direction in which you are moving is the correct one and that you are justified in your beliefs and your desires. 

Your passions and your calling all come from a place of fortitude. So how do we develop this more?  We simply take stock of what we have accomplished in the past.  Think of a time in your life when you did something you thought you could never do.  Think of a time when you learned something that was initially so challenging you thought you would never understand and now you do.  Think of those times when you have been there for someone in a dark time when what was required of you was more than you thought you could give, but you gave it and you excelled.  This is fortitude, friend.  It is the ability to pass through life, trusting that all that you are asked to do you can do, and that you can use fortitude to push yourself even further than you ever thought possible.

We study the vibrational aspects of fortitude within the body, mind, and spirit.  Each individual who comes to this gathering with a sense of knowing of what is required of them will receive even more validation that they are true to themselves.  That they know what they want, who they are, and how to move in this world to further that fulfillment.  This life is for living, fearlessly and with great faith.  We come to you today to bless you with our energetic aspects to build fortitude within you so you can excel and appreciate all that you are. 

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