About The Community

We are all wandering through our sojourn here on Earth, slowly making our way from infancy to adulthood and hopefully into old age.  At every step of that journey, we are guided, protected and assisted by invisible forces.  Some are angels, some are spirit guides, and the rest of these invisible forces are benevolent, evolved beings who passionately seek out souls that feel burdened in order to teach them about their true divine nature so that they too can ascend into spiritual mastery and ultimately into Bliss.

If this sounds a little too “out there” for you, you’re not alone.  Our world tends to focus more on what can been experienced with the five physical senses and ignores the finer, more subtle senses of Spirit.  These finer senses exist in everything that is alive on this planet. With practice, they can be honed and exercised just like muscles to strengthen and empower the awakened human being. When we are tuned and harmonized with our finer aspects, we are free.

This community, the Spiritual Community, is each and every one of us.  It is every person who has ever asked, “Why am I here?”  God, Universe, Creator, Great Spirit – whatever you want to call It, the great I AM presence is what wants to connect with us consciously and lovingly.  It makes us want to know more, to dig deeper, to find that place of peace within us which, no matter what is going on in our lives, provides a stable and secure foundation.

The community supports those who feel guided to serve humanity.  We’re all in this together.