About The Community

We are all wandering through our sojourn here on Earth, slowly making our way from infancy to adulthood and hopefully into old age.  At every step of that journey, we are guided, protected and assisted by invisible forces.  Some are angels, some are spirit guides, and the rest of these invisible forces are benevolent, evolved beings who passionately seek out souls that feel burdened in order to teach them about their true divine nature so that they too can ascend into spiritual mastery and ultimately into Bliss.

If this sounds a little too “out there” for you, you’re not alone.  Our world tends to focus more on what can been experienced with the five physical senses and ignores the finer, more subtle senses of Spirit.  These finer senses exist in everything that is alive on this planet. With practice, they can be honed and exercised just like muscles to strengthen and empower the awakened human being. When we are tuned and harmonized with our finer aspects, we are free.

This community, the Spiritual Community, is each and every one of us.  It is every person who has ever asked, “Why am I here?”  God, Universe, Creator, Great Spirit – whatever you want to call It, the great I AM presence is what wants to connect with us consciously and lovingly.  It makes us want to know more, to dig deeper, to find that place of peace within us which, no matter what is going on in our lives, provides a stable and secure foundation.

The community supports those who feel guided to serve humanity.  We’re all in this together.

Here are links to some of the resources available to anyone looking for connection and support for their journey.

The Center Life In Balance located in Medford, NJ is home to a variety of teachers, practitioners, and classes

Live In Joy Yoga and Wellness located in Audubon, NJ offers classes for the body, mind, and spirit

Barbara Angelo is a certified hypnotherapist offering past life regression

Peace of Mind Breath Stacy Cohen provides individual and group sessions for those interested in breathwork

The Wingman’s Path is the work of Michael S. Gross, positivity and Law of Attraction coach.  Positive thinking changes everything!  Check out his daily practices on social media.  It is sure to make you feel good!

Mindful Dating is Lauren Smith’s take on how to bring spirituality and mindfulness to dating.  She’s on Instagram as @mettadate

Tarot and Earth Medicine – Angie Yingst is so very cool.   Seriously, she is everything wrapped up in one amazing person.  Hers is the best medicine of all!!  You have to check her out and see for yourself!

Numerology can help identify aspects of the self for a deeper understanding of life purpose.  Traci Rosenberg is excellent.

Astrology provides a roadmap for planning important decisions and activities and can aid in understanding various factors that affect daily life.  Pam Younghans is an amazing resource.

Energetic Meditation brings incredible transformation to the subtle layers of the Self, the multidimensional self, and can create profound effects in the way we perceive our reality.  Aleya Dao provides energetic meditations, sound healing, and other services that are quite unique and powerful.  

Elsie Kerns is a living legend in wholistic healing, energy healing, and empowerment.  See what she has to offer.

Divine Feminine empowerment is what lights up Crystal Lynn Perez.  Check out her passionate and powerful offerings

Mediumship – Connecting to those who have passed away can be one of the most joyful and healing experiences for anyone missing a loved one.  My friend, Lisa Miliaresis, is one of the best and is so very compassionate.  Located in Florida, she can assist virtually. 

Crystals, Jewelry, and More – For healing crystals, beautiful pieces hand made for whatever your needs dictate.  Dot is intuitive, creative, and a true partner with the stones she uses in her craft. 

Channeling is the gift I share with the world, through individual and group session and classes.  Peter Dennis is a channeling facilitator I recently met who has created a directory of people like me who channel.  He is helping by supporting the work of those who channel and sharing their messages.  

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, drop me a line at divine.being@comcast.net.  I will see if I can help connect you to the right resources.

Peace and Love,