Meditation and Channeling

Morning and Evening Sessions 10:30AM and 7:00PM start times Class fee: $20 Location: Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center, 1200 S. Church St. #8, Mt. Laurel, NJ Dates: Mornings every other Friday with some exceptions. Evenings every other Tuesday with some exceptions. Please use the links below to see upcoming dates Come into sacred space, reconnect with your inner being, share in the wisdom of the angels and ascended masters.Each meditation and channeling is unique, guided by the energies of the participants in the NOW moment. Bring your mat and pillow if you wish to lay down. Chairs and blankets are … Continue reading

Awakening with the Angels (Virtual)

Awakening with the Angels opens a sacred space to work with energies from the angelic realms along with the Ascended Masters and various other beings of a high vibration to attune us to specific vibrations.  Attunement allows energy to flow to a familiar vibration from the Universe to activate intentions and to more efficiently aid in your awakening process. Join together with others in a supportive, loving, and safe gathering as Rita holds the space and channels loving beings who wish to work with you, assisting in healing, releasing, understanding, awakening wisdom, and encouraging deeper self-exploration. Awaken to the truth … Continue reading