The Other Side of the Rainbow

Dear angels, what message do you have today?

The other side of the rainbow

Where do rainbows come from?  It is a refraction of light through water droplets that shine and turn the pure white light from the sun into a myriad of color.  The spectrum of colors we are all familiar with are vibrant and strong; they make up all the colors that we can perceive.  But what about the colors and things we cannot perceive with our human eyes?

When you have the opportunity to come to the bridge over which the other side of the rainbow can be seen, or viewed, you come into contact with the mystery of life itself.  The mysterious ways that we have of perceiving the unseen have been talked about, written about, mused over, and enjoyed by every generation.  In some times and cultures, these visions of the other side have been put down, cancelled, and countered as evil or witchcraft, demonized and stigmatized.  Many of those who are currently able to perceive other realms can feel the victimization from days of old, through previous lifetimes of having to avoid persecution because of these very natural gifts.  And so we say it is time to put on your robes, grab your wands, make way for the veils to be opened and parted. The visions of the other side are upon us now.

See with your human eyes the ravages of uncaring hearts, of tormented souls.  See with your very naked eyes, the plight that human beings have crated upon the beautiful face of the earth, how this particular species of sentient beings has devoured resources and vilified Nature herself as being too simple, too plain.  But we say to you now, there is a vision you can share, that you can hold in your hearts, and it is a returning to the simpler ways.  While humans have constructed many beautiful things, they have also created vast wildernesses of desolation, both in the destruction of natural parts of the world, habitats, pleasurable wilderness, and in the hearts of men and women everywhere.  The children of the earth, if they could have their way, would see only the beauty, only the majesty, only the miracle that is life here on this earth.

There stands a tall one who invites all to partake in coming to the bridge that has the view of the other side of the rainbow.  He is Melchizadek and he has stood for generations, eons in fact, to encounter souls who are ready to perceive the highest vision of all.  The return to simplicity, to awe and wonder of Nature, of the good in Man and in the value of the life that beats in every heart on this planet.  We are talking about standing on the peak of the pile of human garbage, on the garbage patches floating in the seas, and the refuse piles, on the wastelands and on the edges of the dried lakes and rivers, and finally seeing that there is another way to live.  There is an alternative to expansion.  There is a humility in the hearts of man that must be cultivated, much like a crop struggling to grow in desolate conditions.  We must care for this humility as it is the only thing left that can propel this species forward into a time of caring, of attention, of awareness, and of selflessness such that the group will understand it’s impacts, and the group will rise together to change habits and ways.  The individual can make him or herself a change agent, but it does take the combined effort of many to shift the tide of destruction.  Humans must learn to embrace their humility before Nature, and to acquiesce to the powers she wields over their lives. For it is becoming most apparent and yet, the entire planet needs to awaken.  There are many who can shield themselves from the desolation, but there are even more who cannot.  This is a call for all conscious beings who can understand to take hold of this vision and begin to imagine a new way.  To enact laws, to change habits, to make the necessary changes so that life can go on for humans.  And for the rest of the planet.  Share your gifts and aid and assist others.  Teach about the work of farming, growing food, overcoming illness and hardship through charitable works.  Bring out the best in everyone you meet and primarily in yourself first, so that you can put your powers and your magic into action.  Do not be afraid.  Be excited about what can occur when the shift is made.  Seeing the other side of the rainbow allows all possibilities. 

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