Workshop: Through the Golden Cloud

Home in the Higher Realms

August 21, 2023 – Through the Golden Cloud – Home in the Higher Realms

Getting to know your spiritual guides and advisors can seem difficult, but not when you can feel at home in the higher realms of angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters. These loving, benevolent beings create a relaxed environment where we are welcome to interact with them openly and lovingly, creating a channel where love, support, information, and healing can flow down from the heavenly realms. As a group, we are more powerfully connected, supporting one another’s energies as we transcend ordinary reality to travel upward through the Golden Cloud for an exchange with these mystical beings. Our intention is to harmonize facets of ourselves that are ever present in that realm, with the physical body, bridging heaven and earth. Using toning, mantra, and movement, we create the conduit for healing and spiritual evolution. Bring water, a mat and pillow if you wish to lie down, and any sacred tools or objects that provide support for this work. 

Your Facilitators:

Rita Strough and Shalini Breault

When: August 21, 2023 7:00PM

Where: Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center, 1200 S. Church St., #8, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Investment: $60

Registration required. Please use this link to sign up:

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