Shine On!

In spite of the events happening in this world, the pain, suffering, and all manner of chaos, know that there is a light that shines for you. You are that Light! And in a world full of pain and suffering, there is always a choice we make to see this Light and to be this Light for ourselves and for others.

While you may think you have nothing to offer, no words of wisdom, or clever observations, you have the Light that is your being, your truth. You have this always, regardless of conditions. So whether you are a man or a woman, a child or an adult, a fearful stranger, or a welcome guest, know that when you are here in this world, you are anchoring a special kind of Light. It is the kind that wishes to express as you, through you, out into the world so that the collective experiences of humanity can be lit by yet one more Light, that is YOU.

We talk about Light as if it is something palpable, something you can identify. It is sometimes difficult to see the Light in yourself and in others, but it is a quality of Life that is holy, sound, and perfect. It is as random and yet as precise as anything you will ever come to know, and it is who you are at your core.

Without confusing you, we wish to tell you about this quality of Light, and to impart to you our awareness so that you can hold it without fear, in a state of acceptance of your holiness, and in a way that indicates to the world you are comfortable being who you are, in this body, with this face and voice, in this moment, surrounded by the environment you inhabit, living with the beings you are with in your daily life. For you should never feel alone or disbanded, you should never feel isolated or singled out. There is a quality to the light that is you that calls for compassion, understanding, that allows you to walk in a state of grace, removed from the suffering by being immersed in the world with it.

Yes, there is a way to understand what we are saying, if you listen not with your mind, but with your heart and your vibration. Feel your way into this light now. Hold it and perceive it as a blessing of tremendous proportions that is bestowed upon you as you take your first breath and enter the world of physical life forms here on Earth. As you choose to incarnate here in this world, you are endowed with an endless supply of this Light. It animates you and gives life to the very cells that make up your body. Choose to see this now and act upon your own judgment, to take in what is beautiful, to have compassion for what is painful and ugly, and to transform yourself and the world around you by holding constant awareness of this truth: you are a divine being, infinite, perfect and whole – a spark of the divine in physical form. Lament not your own pain and struggles for they are here to teach you how to feel into this quality and trust in the goodness and grace it affords you. When learning how to navigate in this world, remember who you are and trust that all is well. Centered and focused on this Light within, all is well.

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