Welcome, beautiful divine being!

I AM a Divine Being, and So Are YOU!

I’m Rita Strough, an ordinary person who woke up to the realm of spirit in 2005 when my father was in the last stages of life.  Little by little, I followed a path of information, synchronicity, and validations into a world unseen by physical eyes.

I now know that we are divine beings AND human beings and that when we integrate these parts of ourselves we become WHOLE beings.  Meaning, we are able to tap into the abundance, magic, power and creativity of our divine selves while in physical human form.  This allows us to shape the exterior reality around us thereby creating a life that is joy-filled, fun, healthy, intense, interesting, beautiful, soulful and quite fulfilling.

Waking up doesn’t immediately make life grand;  it creates a crack in our armor so that Light can enter.  Slowly and with much patience and self-love a person can start this inner journey toward fulfillment in this life.   I am here as a conduit of divine love and wisdom, an open channel to the divine, to assist in creating pathways for high-vibrating benevolent beings to access and work with individuals and groups all over the world.  Teaching people how to open their channels to receive wisdom, healing, guidance and love is my passion and through personal one-on-one sessions, group gatherings, classes, workshops and lectures this work is changing the world one person at a time.

How can I help you?   Services Available.

Rita Strough

E-mail:  Divine.Being@comcast.net

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