Shine On!

In spite of the events happening in this world, the pain, suffering, and all manner of chaos, know that there is a light that shines for you. You are that Light! And in a world full of pain and suffering, there is always a choice we make to see this Light and to be this Light for ourselves and for others. While you may think you have nothing to offer, no words of wisdom, or clever observations, you have the Light that is your being, your truth. You have this always, regardless of conditions. So whether you are a man … Continue reading

Divine Identity

There are times when we can feel the energies of the human race begin to shift and this is one of those times. While there are many of you who have come to a new awareness of yourselves as divine beings, some are still waiting, holding out for something else to convince them of this very real fact of your identity.Today we wish to talk about Identity. Identity is something we can all identify with (pun intended). For where there is energy there is light, and where there is light there is hope. This too shall come to pass, where there … Continue reading

Guardian Angel

“He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways” – Psalms 91:11 There’s a way to be in this world. It is a way that tells us to look out for ourselves, to be brave, and to be true to ourselves. This can be very challenging work when we are confronted with our own fears and worries. We know that we can choose to be however we want to be in this world, brave and strong, or worried and sad. It is the Angels, specifically our Guardian angels, who work tirelessly to be there … Continue reading


What is fortitude?  It is the ability to withstand what is required and to move forward with conviction, strength and trust.  Fortitude begins where the bravery leaves off. When you have accomplished something so unique and so amazing that you feel fortified and made whole, you are working from a place of fortitude.  That is where the rubber meets the road so to speak  We speak of fortitude as a strength, as a blessing, as one of those fearless aspects that keeps a person moving ahead even when things get so difficult it seems easier and more appropriate to simply … Continue reading

The Other Side of the Rainbow

Dear angels, what message do you have today? The other side of the rainbow Where do rainbows come from?  It is a refraction of light through water droplets that shine and turn the pure white light from the sun into a myriad of color.  The spectrum of colors we are all familiar with are vibrant and strong; they make up all the colors that we can perceive.  But what about the colors and things we cannot perceive with our human eyes? When you have the opportunity to come to the bridge over which the other side of the rainbow can … Continue reading

Broken Angels

There is a story about an angel figurine that falls to the floor.  Her wing breaks off and she’s left with only one wing.  We are like broken angels, looking for another broken angel so we can join together and fly again.  My husband recently knocked over one of my Willow Tree angel figurines that was given to me by my friend Carol.  It was an accident.  She was displayed on a small glass shelf in my powder room, where it seems I keep a lot of angels.  When she broke, he felt bad and said, “Uh oh!  I think … Continue reading

We Will Never Be the Same Again

We will never be the same again, now that we have witnessed what we have witnessed.  This thought comes to me as a flash of insight, a thread of consciousness to tie loose ends together and to explain or at least attempt to explain a shift that is happening now to all of us. Not as obvious as the 9/11 attacks where thousands died in crashes and debris, the attacks we are experiencing presently are like a thousand paper cuts.  And we who are Americans are being pushed into an awareness of ourselves as vulnerable even though many of us … Continue reading