Guardian Angel

“He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways” – Psalms 91:11

There’s a way to be in this world. It is a way that tells us to look out for ourselves, to be brave, and to be true to ourselves. This can be very challenging work when we are confronted with our own fears and worries. We know that we can choose to be however we want to be in this world, brave and strong, or worried and sad. It is the Angels, specifically our Guardian angels, who work tirelessly to be there for us no matter what we choose. They are with us to hold us up and to show us how to be in the world the way we are meant to be: Joyful, appreciative, excited, interested, magical, good natured, and generally speaking, an angel ourselves. It is the Guardian Angel’s job to help us see these magical, beautiful qualities of life, to see them in everything and in every one. They can help us to tolerate situations, to endure hardships, to see the better side of any situation or person, and to move us through this life with Grace and Ease. If only we would let them.

Why not take a moment right now to acknowledge your Guardian Angel. Even if you don’t believe in angels, it is okay to pause for a moment and contemplate that there is a divine order to things here. There are ways we can navigate through almost anything without worry or fear. If indeed there are angels, and I believe there are, then that would mean we have a benevolent being constantly looking out for us, looking for ways to get us to notice all the good that is available to us. This perfectly loving and kind being is pure Love. Angels come from a realm that exists to give human beings a leg up on living here in a body, on a planet, endlessly spinning on its axis around a star in a solar system, in a galaxy in Space. For what are we but mere blips on the continuum of Time, in the lifespan of a greater, older, wiser being – Gaia – or Mother Earth. We are here because she exists. Without her we have no shot at a physical existence. It is because of her, and her abundance, that we have the blessing of our lives, breathing her air, drinking her water, eating her food.

Our Guardian Angels know this and they work in concert and harmony with Mother Earth to develop our senses, to awaken us to the beauty, joy, and fulfillment that our lives give to us. The angels are always trying to get our attention so that we can overcome fear, limitation, negative thinking, poor habits of mind, body, and spirit that rob us of our natural divine life experience. Just for today, in this moment, know that our Guardian Angels are hovering nearby, as close as our breath, and that they await our invitation to get actively involved in our lives. Short of an invitation, they will simply observe and will only get involved if that is absolutely necessary, to save our lives, or to help direct the divine order. Inviting your angel in is as simple as asking.

Guardian Angel, my dear, please stay close to me today. Help me in all my communications and interactions. Help me be a blessing to others. Help me become more aware of my own talents and abilities. Help me understand how I can best serve. And Guardian Angel, please bring me peace of mind, health of body, and a deeper connection to the truth of my own divine nature. Bless me now and always look after me and those I love. Thank you!! I love you!!

May the angels light your path and warm your heart!!



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