Divine Identity

There are times when we can feel the energies of the human race begin to shift and this is one of those times. While there are many of you who have come to a new awareness of yourselves as divine beings, some are still waiting, holding out for something else to convince them of this very real fact of your identity.
Today we wish to talk about Identity.

Identity is something we can all identify with (pun intended).

For where there is energy there is light, and where there is light there is hope. This too shall come to pass, where there is open acceptance of all identities and there is a way to show yourself as you truly are, but first we ask you to identify yourself. 

How do you identify? What words do you use to describe yourself? Are you kind in those descriptions? Are you exaggerating them, or are you down playing them?

How you describe and identify yourself says a lot about how comfortable you are in your present moment and whether or not you are ready for more or simply waiting for the rest to be revealed to you.

Take a moment now and consider the way you have described yourself in the past. When you meet someone new and they ask what you do, or where you are from, they are gathering information they can use to undertstand your identification. 

We are asked to self-identify on forms all the time, being asked to identify our gender or religion, our birth place, our income level, our age, our schooling. All of this data and information is used to create a profile of you that others can use to categorize you according to their own needs. 

You are assessed and made to be seen as a quantity – something that can be weighted and valued, or put to the side and considered less than, not worth the effort etc.

So when we come to you with the words “You are Divine!”, you cannot accept this as the truth until you can truly identify with what it means to be a beloved child of the Most High. 

And even if you are not ready to acknowledge that there is a hierarchy of DIVINITY, then you can understand that we are all in essence holographic images and likenesses of THE ONE – the Most High, so at our core, in our DNA, in our very make up we are divine even if we don’t realize this to be true in our thinking minds.

As we work toward enhancing your understanding of your true identity, that of your true divine essence, it is important for you to see how you are at once, very ordinary and also extraordinary. You can be both of these things, these identifiers. 

And keeping yourself tuned to the divine self means that you can combine terms, ideologies and beliefs to create for yourself a totally new identity. You can coin your own term if you wish to describe yourself. You don’t have to stay stuck in one definition of yourself or remain locked into conventional understanding of your identifiers.

So today we shatter all those terms and come back to the one true identify that matters more than anything else, that of our blueprint of divinity. This means you are not only entitled to the same powers and abilities as the Most High, but you are constantly evolving and enhancing yourself changing in ways that make you even more beautiful and more attractive to the good that wishes to flow toward you.

When you understand this as your identity, there is nothing in this world that can upset your reality. You are finely tuned into the workings of the world, the way that the unseen forces are working with you and how powerful your intentions, thoughts and dreams really are. 

So that by taking even the smallest action in relation to your dreams you are initiating a tidal wave of energy to rush these things, experiences and people toward you. 

Laying low serves no purpose other than to dim your light. Embrace life to the fullest and claim your true identity now.  

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