Spirit Animal Connection

In the realms of Spirit, there exist many different dimensions. We can ascend to the highest levels and connect with angels, ascended masters, and other high vibrational beings of an advanced evolutionary state, and we can roam though the realms of earthly dimensions to connect with the nature spirits. We can dive deeper into this Natural world by connecting with our animal spirit guides who take many and varied forms. Some of these animal guides are regular visitors to our life experience, showing up in surprising ways. Delightful, awe-inspiring. and sometimes humbling, these animal spiritual guides are with us, sharing … Continue reading

Journey of the Spirit – Embodying the Divine – 3 Part Summer Series

June 26, July 31, and August 21 at 7:00PM in Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center, Mt. Laurel, NJ In this 3-part series, Rita Strough and Shalini Breault lead participants into sacred space, inviting in the four directions as our compass for use throughout the series as our guide.  Shamanic journeying techniques, movement, sound, and meditation help us uncover hidden aspects of our multi-dimensional Selves. This series brings us into contact with the lower world, the middle world, and the upper world by consciously connecting with Spirit Animals, Elemental Nature Spirits, and the Higher or Heavenly realms. Are you ready to … Continue reading