Peggy Garron

Peggy Garron is an Intuitive & Medium, a Reiki Master and an Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner.  She was born with a caul or hood, often referred to as a “veil,” over her face.  Many belief systems hold that being born with a veil is a sign of special destiny and psychic abilities. This holds true in her case, as Peggy has been gifted with the ability to receive messages from Spirit, Angels, Guides and loved ones who have entered into Spirit.   She uses her abilities to heal and guide by lovingly receiving and transmitting messages and by practicing healing modalities, … Continue reading

July 12, 2017: Angelic Coaching and Development with Rayel Sample

Embracing change! We often look at change as a task that seems hard to complete. Most of us associate negative thoughts with the word change. However change is a spiritual growth spurt. Just as babies transition every few months by gaining a certain amount of weight in a short period of time. During this session of Angelic Coaching and Development we will discuss different ways of taking baby steps to embrace our spiritual growth spurt. This will allow us to move through the process faster. Opening and closing necessary doors to our true self and life of abundance. Workshop is … Continue reading

Ishayas’ Ascension Workshop 8/25/17 – 8/27/17

Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center at Just Breathe is thrilled to bring you:   Ishayas’ Ascension Workshop   Meditation, mantra, contemplation and prayer are brought together in this one technique that balances the brain and allows for growth of consciousness to occur easily, naturally and mechanically. Benefits both immediate and cumulative include:   • Deep rest • Reduced symptoms associated with stress and anxiety • Less interest in judging self and others • Increased feelings of peace and vitality • Peace of mind — regardless of circumstances • Greater love, compassion and wisdom   More info is available at … Continue reading

June 15, 2017 Awakening With the Angels: Archangel Daniel and Ascension

Opening Doors God and the Angels are opening doors now for those who are ready to walk through and claim their divine birthright.  Join us this evening for Awakening with the Angels!  Archangel DANIEL will be working with us this evening.  Daniel is known in the world of Integrated Energy Therapy as the angel of Forgiveness, but he is also Guardian Angel of the Gates of Ascension and can aid in assisting us to put on our wings and fly! Please bring a notebook, water and your favorite stone or crystal to accompany us on our journey. Location:  Just Breathe, … Continue reading

June 29, 2017 – Seven Sacred Seals: The Heart Chakra Opening

7 Sacred Seals class is part of a channeled experience with Masters who are working with us to help us achieve mastery over the process of Evolution which they call the Ascension process.   The Individual Heart Chakra in each being beats in harmony with Universal Cosmic Heart in a dance of Light and Power, Beauty and Love.  All consuming in its power the Heart is trans formative.  Let us come together for this final Sacred Seals class along with the masters, guides and angels to lift the seal from this chakra and attune our Hearts to the powerful Vibration … Continue reading

May 25, 2017: 7 Sacred Seals – Class 3 – Throat and Solar Plexus Chakras

7 Sacred Seals is a series of 4 monthly classes being held starting March 30th and following on April 27, May 25 and June 29th.  Each class will be different, but connected in that they are part of a channeled experience with Masters who are working with us to help us achieve mastery over the process of Evolution which they call the Ascension process.  Please come to all or one, it doesn’t matter.  Each is as unique as a flower. Speak and Believe!  You are God’s children!  Speak your word into existence.  Believe it is come unto this world! Babaji, … Continue reading

5/18/17 – Awakening with the Angels: Blessed Hands

Members of this community of Light (all people) are invited to this month’s Awakening class to receive special blessings of the  hands.  This month the angels are showing me the palms of our hands being awakened to new healing powers.  This is not to be confused with receiving attunement to Reiki or any other form of healing, but rather an energetic attunement to awaken the hands to sense , feel and know their power, that they are the way showers.  What you do with your hands, what activities you perform are all performed from a place of awakened awareness,and so we will be teaching you and showing you how … Continue reading

4/27/17 – 7 Sacred Seals Class #2, Sacral and Third Eye Seals

7 Sacred Seals is a series of 4 monthly classes being held starting March 30th and following on April 27, May 25 and June 15th.  Each class will be different, but connected in that they are part of a channeled experience with Masters who are working with us to help us achieve mastery over the process of Evolution which they call the Ascension process.  Please come to all or one, it doesn’t matter.  Each is as unique as a flower. In this class, Mother Mary creates a circle of Love, a womb, within which we create, protected by her loving … Continue reading

Archangel Gabriel Workshop 11/11 and 11/12/16

Step forward!  You have been called by Archangel Gabriel to assist with the awakening and ascension of the consciousness of Planet Earth.   Our goal in this workshop is simple, to develop a relationship with AA Gabriel, who is the overseer of all communications.  Gabriel is the angel of communication and intuitive guidance, bringing you the ability to channel messages, speak your truth, and evolve into a highly conscious being who is attuned to the angelic realm.  Why be attuned to the angelic realm?  Simple!  Because we need you now more than ever before to participate in the process of … Continue reading

Connecting with Goddess Lakshmi

This is a special moment for us to connect with Lakshmi and to give her due recognition as the one who brings favor to households with abundant energies of Love and wisdom. Coinciding with the festival of Diwali, Lakshmi invites us to celebrate with her. Lakshmi awakens us, shifting our vibration into accepting more and avails herself of these energies at this time of year when Diwali is celebrated to offer more to us than we previously thought we could handle.  So it is with these gods and goddesses.  Once we open the door, they want more and more to be part … Continue reading

Group Clearing and Light Grid Activation with Sound Healing

Linda Erin Elliott leads this sacred work which focuses on transmuting unconscious programming and limiting beliefs that impede our ability to freely connect to our Heart, align with our Truth, and fully embody the energy of Trust. Our goal is to heal fear, trauma, and root out limiting patterns accumulated during this lifetime, as well as those which we have inherited from ancestors and from past lifetimes. Stepping more fully into our bodies, we become capable of allowing this increased awareness of our Divine Light to penetrate each and every  cell.  As we gently shift our awareness of self and the … Continue reading

Combo Healing: Singing Crystal Bowls and Reiki

                                    Autumnal Equinox Blessings! Double the Healing Power in this season of returning to balance. Please join Shalini Breault and Anna S. Castro for an evening of powerful healing potential: Singing Crystal Bowls & Reiki! Shalini will be cleansing, clearing and balancing all the chakras using the healing sounds of the Crystal Bowls, while Anna will be offering deep relaxation and connection with your Inner Healing Potential through mini Reiki sessions to each person in class! This will be an evening of relaxation, … Continue reading

Beloved – An Ascended Master Channeling Experience

Rita Strough has been channeling angels, high-vibrational beings and ascended masters since early 2010 when a seventh-dimensional being of Light descended into her during a class for the purpose of interacting with the class participants. It was unexpected and caused some confusion for her that was quickly dissipated by her angels and guides. Ever since being opened to channeling, Rita has expanded her capacity to hold higher vibrational beings and has had the honor of channeling many beings who wish to share their wisdom, insights, blessings and attunements with all of us. Some of the beings or energies Rita has … Continue reading

Reiki Level 1 Certification

In this training and certification class, one becomes “attuned” to Reiki Level 1 which reveals our natural healing abilities that are then enhanced through Reiki practice.  Many people experience a new way of seeing, understanding, and relating to the world around us.  In discovering Reiki, its deep benefits and wide range of uses, we begin with self-love and self-healing. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing on various levels. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the understanding that subtle universal life force energy flows around and through us.  … Continue reading

3-25-17 Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Training

IET Master Instructor, Linda Erin Elliott is offering Integrated Energy Therapy Training at Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center this Spring. IET works with angelic energy, going to a deep level of healing by getting “the issues out of your tissues.” This is a beautiful addition for those seeking to enhance their energy work, as well as for those who are on a path of self-healing. Don’t feel intimidated, either, if you’ve never studied energy healing. This could be your starting point, especially if you feel a connection to the angelic realm. There are no beginners. These classes are meant to … Continue reading

Linda Erin Elliott

  As a life-long empath, Linda Erin Elliott’s gifts as an intuitive healer were cultivated by embracing a variety of healing modalities as well as through extensive training with Master Teachers.  Linda specializes in clearing energetic blocks that occur at the cellular level, thereby creating space within for love, peace and joy to flourish.  Firmly grounded in her belief that the everyday is miraculous and that the Divine can be found everywhere and in everyone, Linda teaches true transformation which can only emerge through the opening of the Heart. Linda is dedicated to guiding her clients, students, and fellow human … Continue reading

2/23/17 – Awakening with the Angels – AA Gabriel and Mary Magdalene

February 16 SOLD OUT February 23 Space still available 7PM TO 9PM    $25 Archangel Gabriel wishes to connect and align with you for the purpose of opening up your channel to receive very high level vibrational information and attunements. Mary Magdalene is going to be here this evening as well as Jesus energy supported through Archangel Gabriel. Mary Magdalene is advocating for TRUTH and she has come to align us with her and her loving counter part, Lord Jesus, to become open and receptive to TRUTH. They are calling for open, loving and receptive hearts to anchor firmly into … Continue reading

Chakra TLC

AWAKEN * STIMULATE * CONNECT Join Anna Castro and Shalini Breault for a Chakra Tune-up! This is an opportunity to learn about and journey into the chakra centers that make up your energy system and to consciously connect to it through sound healing. This class imparts voice and sound vibrations to balance, energize and harmonize the energy centers in our bodies. With attention and love to this aspect of us, we deepen our connection to all that we are! Using divine tones of crystal bowls, guided visualization and recitation of sacred chants we will nurture our chakra system to integrate … Continue reading

Meditation Class

Weekly Meditation Class Rita Strough of Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center will be offering weekly meditation classes beginning January 14,2016  for twelve weeks.   The class will include basic instructions, a guided meditation, and time for stillness so that students can practice entering into a state of awareness of the inner self that transcends the outer self. Duration:  1 hour, 15 min. Cost:  $13 (drop in) Where:  Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center, Lower Level at Integrated Therapy Center, 108 Fairway Terr. Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Thursdays:  10:30AM  to  11:45AM Program runs January 14th through March 31st 12 Week Special:   $133 Sign … Continue reading