May 25, 2017: 7 Sacred Seals – Class 3 – Throat and Solar Plexus Chakras

7 Sacred Seals is a series of 4 monthly classes being held starting March 30th and following on April 27, May 25 and June 29th.  Each class will be different, but connected in that they are part of a channeled experience with Masters who are working with us to help us achieve mastery over the process of Evolution which they call the Ascension process.  Please come to all or one, it doesn’t matter.  Each is as unique as a flower.
Speak and Believe!  You are God’s children!  Speak your word into existence.  Believe it is come unto this world!
Babaji, Lord Shiva, and other Divine Beings will be escorting us through a revelation of the power of the spoken word, following on the assistance of Gabriel and Mother Mary with recognition of the sacred sounds that vibrate our intentions and desires into existence.  Later, there will be a time when you will feel the great power of Archangel Uriel firing up the solar plexus chakra to roll the stone away from your I AM power center, opening the seals to reveal the truth of your divine power and ecstatic creative force.
Sign up now by RSVP to or fill out the form below and put:
7 Sacred Seals in the “How can we serve you” section.
Time:  7PM-9PM
Cost:  $25 payable at the door in cash or check
Location:  Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center at Integrated Therapy Center (lower level)
108 Fairway Terrace, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
Please email Rita: to reserve your spot.

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