Peggy Garron

Peggy Garron is an Intuitive & Medium, a Reiki Master and an Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner.  She was born with a caul or hood, often referred to as a “veil,” over her face.  Many belief systems hold that being born with a veil is a sign of special destiny and psychic abilities.

This holds true in her case, as Peggy has been gifted with the ability to receive messages from Spirit, Angels, Guides and loved ones who have entered into Spirit.   She uses her abilities to heal and guide by lovingly receiving and transmitting messages and by practicing healing modalities, employing her intuition, angel cards and tarot cards to work with clients in order to aid in facilitating positive physical, spiritual and emotional balancing and healing.

To connect with Peggy for a consultation, please e-mail her at or call 609-760-4493. Peggy is available for private sessions in person, by phone or Facetime.


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