4/27/17 – 7 Sacred Seals Class #2, Sacral and Third Eye Seals

7 Sacred Seals is a series of 4 monthly classes being held starting March 30th and following on April 27, May 25 and June 15th.  Each class will be different, but connected in that they are part of a channeled experience with Masters who are working with us to help us achieve mastery over the process of Evolution which they call the Ascension process.  Please come to all or one, it doesn’t matter.  Each is as unique as a flower.

In this class, Mother Mary creates a circle of Love, a womb, within which we create, protected by her loving embrace, the Seal of the Sacral Chakra when opened reveals a sea of emotion and the potential for passion to ignite, sometimes causing anxiety.  She will be working with us to de-tangle obstructions (resistance) from the excitement of moving forward with a vision we have for ourselves.

In the Third Eye chakra, this class has messages from Emperor Constantine, assisted by Archangel Gabriel, that provides an understanding of our power to rule, with authority our own lives – taking charge of our own creations and gaining an understanding of how saying “yes” to what we want and “converting” into that belief will change your world.  It can create tension and resistance which is where Mother Mary comes in holding the compassionate space to do the hard work for us if we cannot do it ourselves.

This is going to be a very POWERFUL class, so come with water, a journal, pen and your most relevant and powerful tools (crystals, essences, talismans, whatever)

 Each class is $25 and you do not have to attend all four, but we recommend doing so if your schedule permits.  These classes will be recorded for future use.

Time:  7PM-9PM
Cost:  $25 payable in cash or check upon arrival for class.

Location:  Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center at Integrated Therapy Center (lower level)

108 Fairway Terrace, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Please email Rita:  divine.being@comcast.net to reserve your spot or complete the form below

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