July 12, 2017: Angelic Coaching and Development with Rayel Sample

Embracing change!

We often look at change as a task that seems hard to complete. Most of us associate negative thoughts with the word change. However change is a spiritual growth spurt. Just as babies transition every few months by gaining a certain amount of weight in a short period of time. During this session of Angelic Coaching and Development we will discuss different ways of taking baby steps to embrace our spiritual growth spurt. This will allow us to move through the process faster. Opening and closing necessary doors to our true self and life of abundance.

Workshop is Wednesday, July 12, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm

The cost is 50.00 per person and can be paid by cash or check at the door.
Please RSVP to divine.being@comcast.net

Location:  Just Breathe, 2800 Rt. 130, Suite 100, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

The purpose for the class is to help people find their way to their true self. So often we are lost along the journey of finding ourselves that we become what everyone wants us to be and lose our true self. We also need to know that we are where we need to be and we all have wonderful gifts to share. This class will help people stay focused on self and work through any and all obstacles that may come their way.

About the Teacher:

Rayel Sample had been called by the Divine to host Angelic Coaching And Development workshops. The purpose of Angelic Coaching and Development workshops are to help people break through the layers of life and find their true self. The workshops are divinely guided to allow everyone that attends to receive just what they need to move forward on their journey.

Many years ago, Rayel was divinely guided to Rita Strough who introduced her to her guardian angel and encouraged her to form a lasting relationship with the angels. Since that time Rayel has been actively studying and growing closer to the divine and is inspired to offer this workshop.

Rayel started her journey with Reiki energy healing in February 2015 and now is a certified Usui Reiki Master practitioner. She is also an Animal Reiki Master since July 2016.

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