Wisdom Wednesday with Rita

For the next 8 weeks starting June 24, 2020, I will be offering a one-hour group session for $15 per person. During the session, we will elevate our vibration and connect to the higher realms, allowing wisdom to flow down.

Channeling is not an exact science, but I’ve found that when we open with intention to the higher realms, there awaits us the wisdom of the angels and guides which is intended to provide a perspective from the vantage point of the higher self which can see through illusion, and cut through fears.

As we open up this time and space to invite in these benevolent energies, we can expect to receive guidance for our soul’s growth and expansion into higher levels of consciousness. The angels guide the conversation and offer their wisdom and love. To join, please register using this link: https://justbreathecenter.as.me/wisdom

Instructions for accessing the live ZOOM meeting will be sent via email the day of the session. I look forward to sharing this amazing journey with you!

Love and blessings always,


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