Gaia Blessings and the Pink Rose

October 27, 2020 7PM to 8PM $22 Register Here:

This is an On-Line Event via ZOOM
Activate the Divine Heart Trinity: Divine Love * Divine Wisdom * Divine Power
Gaia Blessings and the Pink Rose
Receive the healing gifts of the Pink Rose:
Heart Consciousness – Co-Creation – Sacred Union – Divine Wisdom
This month, we will continue activating our divine heart trinity with Gaia and the Pink Rose energies.
Gaia and the Pink Rose will work together to ground, anchor and integrate the new earth light frequencies currently taking place in the earth’s grid into our physical bodies.At this time, our body is re-calibrating to the new earth codes which is causing internal conflict, discomfort and confusion within us such as lack of confidence and purpose, emotional imbalance, fear of owning your power, etc.Gaia will share wisdom around these new earth light frequencies and will also assist in embodying this new light transmission into the body through sacred union practices using movement and attunements.The Pink Rose is about taking ownership of your gifts and becoming an advocate for Gaia and the Elemental Realms. The Pink Rose frequency will allow you to hold more divine power and light within your body and consciousness.Please feel free to use an essential oil or crystal to support the healing transmission.Rita Strough and Shalini Breault facilitate

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