Spiritual Counseling Session

with Rita Strough

Spiritual Counseling Sessions are an opportunity to connect with and receive guidance and wisdom from your own spiritual support team of angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, animal spirit guides, your body, and other benevolent forces that surround, protect and guide you.  During this session, these beings are invited to consult with us together in Love for healing, and for soul growth  These sessions typically delve into areas of your life that have caused you the most confusion, pain or concern.  As we discuss the areas of concern, your angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones and other benevolent beings are called upon to provide guidance, clarification, explanation and wisdom.  Your own Higher Self directs this activity and Rita acts as a conduit or channel for the information and energy.

These sessions can be conducted over the phone, FaceTime,  ZOOM video conferencing, or in person.  When you contact Rita to schedule an appointment, please indicate best days and times for you and which method of contact suits you.  Email to divine.being@comcast.net or call 856-296-9771 to request an appointment.  Payment is expected prior to session.

$60 for 30 minutes

$120 for one hour

 Do you have any questions? Visit the F.A.Q. page or contact me!


Spiritual Counseling Session — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for everything Rita! U rock! Kensi is home, we found her today! God and all the angels were watching over her and brought her back to us! U’r reading was bang on. I did what u said and things all turned out. Thank you again!

  2. I am very grateful to you for the reading you gave me. Most of what you said was great validation for the way I was feeling. You were very much on point in describing my son and his wife, and their mindset right now. I have taken your advice regarding what constitutes right action on my part.. and every day I am more at peace with it. I spend a few minutes each night, before going to sleep, conversing with my guide and guardian Angel and while I sleep receive information and guidance, usually through dreams. I have a lot of plans for my life and have high hopes that most, if not all, will come to pass…God willing. Thank you once again for your help and for what you do. God bless and keep you always. Your friend….Alicia

  3. Rita, Thank you so much yesterday’s Spiritual Counseling session. I found the session and the messages you communicated to be invaluable in providing a new level of peace and clarity. I would highly recommend your service to those who feel like they could use some level of clarity and meaning for their lives. Thanks again, Dave

  4. Rita has brought the Angels back to me. I found Rita when I was feeling overwhelmed and lost and she helped me find my way back. Now the Angels are part of my everyday life and part of my business! I couldn’t LOVE Rita more. If you need spiritual guidance she is the one to call. If you need an inspirational coach call her. If you need a nice person to give you a hug call Rita, she will be there! xoxo

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