“Harmonic Healing with the Angels”

Location: Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center located at Integrated Therapy Center, Lower Level.
108 Fairway terrace, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Event Date: Special dates to be announced
Time:  Time to be announced
Register: divine.being@comcast.net
Website: https://iamadivinebeing.com
Cost: $33

Tranquility is “the peace that comes when energies are in harmony, relationships are in balance.”  Our work here in this class is simply to relax and be filled with a high vibration which comes through each person present via their divine connection to the higher realms.  Working with the Angelic realms invites us into a space for deep inner transformation and healing.  During this class, you can expect to be guided through visualizations which is how the angels, ascended masters and other benevolent beings communicate with us and walk us through our inner dimensions.  Rita acts as a facilitator for this work of Spirit and also is an open channel for beings to verbally and energetically communicate messages and information to the group.  You will receive always, whatever it is your soul needs at that moment.  Through interaction with high vibrating beings, we are attuned to their frequencies and begin to pull into our own energy fields more light, health, joy, abundance and clarity.


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