Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know I have angels with me?

When you call on an angel, they will make themsleves known to you.  It may be a warm feeling in your heart, or goosebumps on your skin.  Sometimes they show up as another person who just at the right moment says something to you or winks at you.  You may find feathers, coins, or the word ANGEL somewhere.  A thought that enters your mind prompting you to take action is many times the voice of an angel giving you guidance in alignment with diving timing.  You should honor those promptings.  You always have angels with you, so just talk to them and expect some response.

Are we born with an angel?

Yes, all people come into being as a human with a guardian angel.  This angel is assigned to you for life or sometimes for many lifetimes.  They volunteer for this service while you are planning your life on the other side before you incarnate.  Some people have more than one angel as a guardian.   You can get to know your guardian angel simply by setting the intention and going into a light meditation.  It may take several trys, but you will meet your angel and get to know him or her.

Why do angels exist and what is their purpose in our lives?

We are here to comfort you and to give you guidance when you need it.  There are times when an emergency will pull us into your activities and we take this role very seriously.  Other times you are feeling something and we want to make you laugh, so we will put something funny in front of you.  Our purpose is to provide you the kind of support and guidance that you need as a divine being.  For while you have unlimited power and awesome strength, you fail to see that you are capable and often hide in fear or lack consciousness.  Allowing us to work with you gives you practice with letting go and becoming relaxed into the flow of life.  For everything that you do has a purpose and a reason, even when you are sleeping.  Nothing is wasted, not one thought or one emotion.  All of it is part of your journey to discovering your divinity and living within it completely 100% of the time.  We teach and give counsel for the part of you that needs to understand itself, for you are quite complex.  Without you even realizing it, you are affecting the entire world and so you are incredibly important to the Father’s larger plans.  We help to answer questions along the way and sort through the multitude of feelings and pain you experience so you can understand the reasons for them. Our purpose is joy-filled, joy-full and we love to watch you grow!

What else do you want people to know dear angels?

Being part of a larger organism, your healthy functioning is vital.  Think of yourself as a cell in the body of God.  You are so important!  Never underestimate the value you bring to the world and to the rest of life, for life exists not only here on Earth, but in many realms.  Just as you would not go to the office in a bathrobe, you cannot visit these other realms without proper preparation.  And so the Father commanded us to witness your life, bring you into alignment with His divine purpose and give you the training needed to permit travel to additional realms and spaces of time and life.  Over lifetimes you receive this training.  Education is constant in life and understanding is the goal or purpose. For when you are fully engaged in the business of Life, you are fully engaged as a being of LOVE and the light you generate spreads to others bringing joy, peace, humility and patience.  All the beautiful aspects of life are highlighted.  Be patient with yourself and give much love to yourself as the more you can connect to who you really are, the more transparent you become to this world.  And when you are transparent to this world, you are no longer of it, you have conquered it and achieved full and lasting happiness, freedom and joy.


What can I expect from a spiritual counseling session?

Your guess is as good as mine!  Seriously, I never know what to expect.  I simply create a space for us to converse and invite in all the heavenly helpers that are available.  Our session usually begins with a conversation, asking you why you are seeking a counseling session.  During this conversation, we may discuss many things.  You could be struggling with your career, your marriage, or maybe you just don’t know what you need or want but you know something is missing.  Our souls have a way of poking us and prodding us until we address that which we are meant to discover or learn about ourselves.

Once we have clarified the reason for your inquiry, I open up and invite angels and spirit guides to give me insights and guidance for you.  Many times it begins with images projected into my mind, much like a psychic reading, and I will begin to decipher the images by talking it out with you.  I may begin to feel what you are feeling and then I can truly understand and relate to what you are going through as I feel it just as you feel it.   Angels and guides will give me a reminder of something that I or someone else I may have helped in the past had to go through and this example will come into play to help me explain to you what they are trying to convey.

The more you can validate what is coming in, the better the connection becomes.  I receive visions, feelings, words and a “knowingness”.  The knowingness is like a complete understanding of what is going on.  When the angels and spirit guides do this, it is like they are tying together all the pieces so that I can explain it to you.

Sometimes there are blockages around the person and it will appear to me as a cloud over the person or like curtains drawn closed.  In these cases, when I feel stuck, I simply ask the angels to channel through me and tell me what you need to know in order to clear away the blockages.  When I open myself up to channel, it is like I step to the side and allow the angel or guide to use my mind and my voice to speak to you directly.

When this happens, I am just an observer and in this position, I myself may have a question that pops into my mind.  Spirit will usually answer the question immediately.  Sometimes I have to ask for clarification.  With every person it is different.

Spirit guides and angels will appear to me in my psychic sight and I can describe them for you and often they give their names.  They have different roles that they play and they intuitively explain this to me.  On rare occasions, Archangels come in and sometimes Ascended Masters, like Jesus or Kwan Yin will come in.  If you are in the practice of praying to or requesting assistance from a specific angel or master, rest assured they are with you and they will communicate if they feel it is necessary.

Animal or Nature spirits also can make an appearance.  When they do, I refer to my on-line descriptions to see what the animal represents and what message it may have for you.  These messages are often very on the mark for giving you additional guidance and then you can invoke the spirit of the animal to help you when you need it.

When I first started doing angel readings for people I would use my oracle cards.  Now I don’t need them, but I still use them from time to time because they have deeper meanings and can explain your situation in more detail sometimes better than I could articulate it.  I find that having resources in all areas of Spirit has helped me to really tap into the ability to see, hear, feel and know what they are trying to communicate to us.

If you have any more questions, please email me at divine.being@comcast.net

Should you wish to schedule a counseling session, please e-mail me or visit Rita’s Services to purchase the session.