Personalized Angel Communication

with Rita Strough

The personalized angel communication is an opportunity for you to receive a direct channeled communication related to your questions.  Rita connects with your angels and guides and sometimes deceased loved ones.  The channeling session occurs in divine timing and is conducted via e-mail.  When you ask your questions, please be as specific as possible.  The guidance received is typed and returned to you via e-mail.  After receiving the communication, one follow-up question for clarification of anything that comes through is provided to insure adequate understanding of the information conveyed.

$100/up to 3 questions

 Do you have any questions? Visit the F.A.Q. page or contact me!


Personalized Angel Communication — 1 Comment

  1. I want to thank you so very much Rita. Wow… it has cleared up so much for me, built up my confidence… and I feel loved all the time…much easier to give love when you feel loved…I hope you have a wonderful holiday…Bless You for what you do with your gift…I hope to be sending some of my friends your way…Love and Light

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