In-Home Angel Reading Party

with Rita Strough

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, In-Home Angel Reading parties have been postponed.  However, if you’d like to gather via ZOOM, we can set it up!

Gather your friends and family and experience your individual 15 minute reading in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  This is an excellent way to bring good energy into your home and to allow your angels and guides an opportunity to give you any messages or guidance you need.  We begin with a brief overview of angelic communication and a group message, then each individual is invited to a private one-on-one reading.

An angel reading party invites friends and family to assemble as a group to learn about angels, spirit guides and life after death.  As an angelic channel and psychic intuitive, I am able to read your energy, request a connection with your angels and spirit guides, and if you so choose, I can request the angels to connect me with a deceased loved one.

Connecting to a deceased loved one is not something that is guaranteed.  Just as in this life, in their other-dimensional existence, your loved one has a life with activities that sometimes makes them unavailable for communication.  The angels assist in this by letting me know where they are and if they can communicate at the time we are requesting to connect.  If they are unavailable, I sometimes will be given a visual of what they are doing.  Most times after the visual, the person in spirit will “feel” that they are being observed and turn toward my energy for a communication.   If they are caught-up in what they are doing and not aware that we are observing, then I may get additional images of what they do “up there.”   In those cases, I can just share with you what I am seeing.

Predictions are also not something that I can guarantee since there is free will and anything you think or how you react can change the outcome of future events.  If you ask when something will occur or if something will occur, I will most times get information either in the form of visions, words or numbers.  The “language” of Spirit is very symbolic, so they will give me a visual of something like a man alone in a sailboat and this may mean that you are going to be sailing OR that you will be better off facing a situation alone.  A number like 5 could mean 5 weeks, months or years.  But generally, They will give me a strong sense of which one they mean.

As information comes to me, I talk it out with you.  The more you can confirm the information, the stronger the connection becomes.   You may want to bring a notepad and pen to take notes.

We must adhere to the 15 minute time limit since others will be waiting for their turn, so if you feel that you would need more time or a more in-depth reading, please contact me to schedule an appointment or see the other services offered above for whatever suits your needs.

Above all, just know that you have angels with you at all times.  They are there to help you along your life’s journey.  I will give a short overview of the role of angels in your life before starting the individual sessions.  You also have spirit guides which help and aid in these communications.

Please remember to be a clear channel.  A glass of wine is fine, but please refrain from becoming intoxicated prior to your session.  Since I’ll be connecting through you and your angels, it is important that you be as clear headed as possible.   We’ll do a group breathing exercise to get us all aligned in the right vibration before beginning.

We will ask for the protection of the Holy Spirit to allow only good positive energies into the party and Archangel Michael will be present as well providing his protection. Anything done with Love is good.  I send you love now and ask that you hold love in your heart for yourself, your friends and loved ones both here and on the other side and for me.  Invite your favorite saints or enlightened beings to be with us on the day of the party and let your intentions to connect be known.

Love and Blessings!


$30/person, min. 4 people. The Host’s reading is complimentary with a minimum of 4 paid participants. Additional $45 travel fee for locations over 20 miles from Cinnaminson,. NJ .   Please call 856-296-9771 to make arrangements.  Payment will be collected the day of the party and can be made via PayPal, Venmo or CashApp.  

Do you have any questions? Visit the F.A.Q. page or contact me!

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