Angelic Coaching and Development with Rayel Sample 10-28-17


Are you struggling to see things clearly?  Are you looking for answers?  We have many different solutions for one issue.  Often we only see the solution that we don’t want instead of what we do want.  Changing our perception changes our outcome.

During this session of Angelic Coaching and Development the Archangels will work with us to help us see clearly the full situation and the many opportunities that we have right now.  They will teach us how to stay fully grounded while making major life decisions.  They will help us focus on the NOW to ensure the best outcome for all involved.  

Saturday, 10/28 from 1pm – 3pm.
This class is $44.00 per person. 
Bring a friend and get two for $60.00.  RSVP to with your name and phone number and the word “Coaching” in the subject line.
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