9/14/17 – Awakening with the Angels – Archangel Zadkiel



Archangel Zadkiel – Power and Purpose, the cornerstones of transformation here on Planet Earth. AA Zadkiel comes to bear witness to our transformation into powerful beings of light attuned to the Cosmic Consciousness of Love and vibrating at a frequency that draws into us all the powerful energies of our allies in the non physical realms. Join Rita Strough and all who come to experience a transformation from ordinary consciousness into angelic divine consciousness for the purpose of practicing this vibration and lifting the hearts of all on this planet. See beyond the physical with AA Zadkiel’s attunement to the violet vibration of Universal Love.
Bring or wear something purple/violet. Carry with you water, and an offering for the altar – a flower, a stick of incense, a small stone, a feather, a pine cone, a prayer, whatever floats your boat!!! xoxo Rita and Zadkiel
Please RSVP so we can set up for the number of attendees. E-mail Rita at Divine.Being@comcast.net or text AWAKE to 856-296-9771 with your name please.
Lots of Love heading your way now as you read this *****

7pm to 9pm


RSVP:  divine.being@comcast.net

At Just Breathe, 2800 Rt. 130, Suite 100, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077



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