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Welcome to Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center!

Providing education and support for individuals and the community in practices that open awareness to a higher reality, Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center offers classes, workshops, special events, and also individual and group sessions for healing and guidance.  Our philosophy is that we are human beings and divine beings, all of us, and as we learn more about our true divine nature, our daily lives become more fulfilling and enjoyable.  We are limitless, eternal, divine, loved, supported, intelligent and extremely powerful.

Through our weekly radio show, Talk-N-Angels, hosts Rita Strough and  Michael Gross, offer advice and support as well as interviews with interesting and practical guests. Our teachers are loving, supportive and caring people who use their talents and abilities to serve a divine purpose and we love collaborating with the community of teachers, healers and seekers to have fun and to grow deeper into our awareness of ourselves as divine beings.

Rita Strough is a Spiritual Counselor and offers individual and group sessions to people who are looking for assistance in connecting to their Spiritual Support Team of angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors and other benevolent beings.  To learn more, please visit our Services page.   Call 856-296-9771 to schedule a session with Rita or e-mail to divine.being@comcast.net

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