About Divine Being Spiritual Fitness

Divine Being Spiritual Fitness seeks to educate and support individuals and the community in practices that open awareness to a higher reality.  Our philosophy is that we are both human and divine, and as such, we have the rights and privileges of divine beings which we can begin to recognize and exercise in our daily lives.  As divine beings, we are limitless, eternal, loved, supported, intelligent and extremely powerful.

Divine Being Spiritual Fitness offers classes that enrich those on the path to spiritual discovery.  We also provide group forums for discussion that allow those who feel guided to serve humanity to talk about their ideas and receive advice, support and collaboration on projects.  Through our weekly radio show, Talk-N-Angels, Rita Strough and her co-host Michael Gross, offer advice and support as well as interviews with interesting and practical guests.

Please check the Events Calendar for more information.

To schedule a private session with Rita, please email her at divine.being@comcast.net or call 856-296-9771.  Check out Rita’s available services