Angelic Coaching and Development with Rayel Sample 9/23/17


What is your net worth?  We often relate this question to money.  The truth is your net worth is really your self worth.  When we think about what we are worth we often think about how much money we have in the bank.  How much money is exchanged for our time and energy.  Where we live?  How big our house is?  How many cars we have?  How many people we can impress.  Your self worth is really how much courage you have to be who you are called to be.   During this session of Angelic Coaching and Development we … Continue reading

Painting with the Angels with Sue Roop

Sue Roop is a wife, mother, grandmother, and Art instructor. Art, and the expression of it has always been her passion.  From an early age, Sue took lessons privately through high school, and continued developing by teaching various ages of children art for 25 yrs while studying Fine Arts at Camden County College and raising 5 children.  Several years ago sue found her way into the Canvas Paint Party opportunity and has facilitated more than 50 gatherings. She enjoys watching and guiding guests through the process of painting and creating. For Just Breathe, Sue will be offering a special series of angelic paintings starting in September with … Continue reading

Bollywood Dancing: Weekly class on Mondays


Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to build, tone, and shape your muscles while having fun! The beats of Indian music and beautiful dance styles of India are fast becoming part of mainstream culture though its cinema. Now let us explore the unique relationship we as Americans share with India through our popular culture in this exciting workshop. Arati Gupta takes students through an immersion in the various moves of Indian dance styles in a class that will work your body.  This class meets Mondays (with the exception of 9/25 and 10/2)  Each class is $20 which can be paid … Continue reading

9/14/17 – Awakening with the Angels – Archangel Zadkiel


    Archangel Zadkiel – Power and Purpose, the cornerstones of transformation here on Planet Earth. AA Zadkiel comes to bear witness to our transformation into powerful beings of light attuned to the Cosmic Consciousness of Love and vibrating at a frequency that draws into us all the powerful energies of our allies in the non physical realms. Join Rita Strough and all who come to experience a transformation from ordinary consciousness into angelic divine consciousness for the purpose of practicing this vibration and lifting the hearts of all on this planet. See beyond the physical with AA Zadkiel’s attunement … Continue reading