Awakening with the Angels – Abundance! 12-21-17

Awakening with the Angels this month: Waste Not, Want Not – The Angels of Abundance coming in this month to awaken abundance and prosperity in your energetic field. Awakening with the Angels opens a sacred space to work with energies from the angelic realms along with the Ascended Masters and various other beings of a high vibration to attune us to specific vibrations.  Attunement allows energy to flow to a familiar vibration from the Universe to activate intentions and to more efficiently aid in your co-creative processes. Join Rita as she channels various beings who are coming in to awaken … Continue reading

The Language of Spirit 10-Week Psychic Development guided by Archangel Gabriel

My children are blessed with an all-knowing, an ability to tap into the Universal life forces to communicate with the energy and vibration of spirit.  It is for this reason that I am giving you permission and authority to teach this communication to those who would benefit from learning it so that they may be of service to those of us not in physical form.  And so it is with great pleasure that I , Gabriel, announce to you the coming of a new way of being.  One that is in tune with vibration, energy and communication skills that are … Continue reading

Wild Soul Movement – Transformational Movement class


Wild Soul Movement is a self-love movement class that incorporates yoga poses, meditation, mantra, discussion, oracle cards, crystals and kinship designed to allow release of negative or low vibrating energy while imprinting positive, high vibrating energy. The “movement” lets the body feel and experience love in a new way, in its own language. Simple yet highly effective. All are welcome! $25 Just Breathe~ A Spiritual Community Center 2800 Rt. 130 North, Suite 100, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 Mondays 7:00pm to 8:30pm $25 Contact Christine Juckett for questions. Reserve your spot by following this link … Continue reading

Painting Archangel Raphael with Sue Roop 11-28-17

michael paint with angels

Sue Roop is a wife, mother, grandmother, and Art instructor. Art, and the expression of it has always been her passion.  From an early age, Sue took lessons privately through high school, and continued developing by teaching various ages of children art for 25 yrs while studying Fine Arts at Camden County College and raising 5 children.  Several years ago sue found her way into the Canvas Paint Party opportunity and has facilitated more than 50 gatherings. She enjoys watching and guiding guests through the process of painting and creating. For Just Breathe, Sue will be offering a special series of angelic paintings starting in September with … Continue reading

Take a Breather – Meditation and Healing with Crystal bowls

Take a deep breath and experience the peace that comes from spending time simply connecting to the higher realms.  Shalini plays the crystal bowls and Rita imparts wisdom and healing from various high vibrational beings of Light so that you can let your body, mind and spirit align with this positive, healing LOVE energy. Come to relax and receive.  Bring a water bottle and something comfortable like a pillow or your favorite yoga mat.  The center does have mats, blankets, and bolsters available for use. December 12, 2017 7pm to 8:30pm $20 Please RSVP to reserve your spot. … Continue reading