Awakening with the Angels – 3rd Thursdays

Awakening with the Angels opens a sacred space to work with energies from the angelic realms along with the Ascended Masters and various other beings of a high vibration to attune us to specific vibrations.  Attunement allows energy to flow to a familiar vibration from the Universe to activate intentions and to more efficiently aid in your co-creative processes. Join Rita as she channels various beings who are coming in to awaken all to the truth of our divine nature which is fully supported, loved and generously overflowing with abundance in all forms. This class is every third Thursday of … Continue reading

The Language of Spirit 10-Week Psychic Development guided by Archangel Gabriel

My children are blessed with an all-knowing, an ability to tap into the Universal life forces to communicate with the energy and vibration of spirit.  It is for this reason that I am giving you permission and authority to teach this communication to those who would benefit from learning it so that they may be of service to those of us not in physical form.  And so it is with great pleasure that I , Gabriel, announce to you the coming of a new way of being.  One that is in tune with vibration, energy and communication skills that are … Continue reading